1-5 of 5 Works in Fox's AUs

godswap by fox

mianite except the gods champions are shuffled and dec the priest is now a wizard and the wizards are the priests

d(og)smp by fox

Dream SMP except everyone is a dog. Puppy AU. Also featuring other MCYT characters, but primarily centering on DSMP.

files from the inbetween by fox

FFTIB is a very involved Supernatural-based AU. It follows several different main POVs, and each POV is interconnected in some way. The major content warnings apply to nearly every POV - there's plenty of character death and violence, and because of how connected most of the main perspectives are there's no way to enage with the AU without seeing the violence / dark nature. It's very much a dark AU.

dogs don't commit crimes by fox

DDCC is a silly Mianite AU centered around mainly Wag and iFirez. The wizards (iFirez, Phil, and Tom) are criminals, but that isn't really terribly important to the AU. Mostly, it's about the aftermath of their crimes, where they're wanted by the government and are hiding as dogs/cats in Wag's house. It's more sweet then a crime AU.

100 day ark lets play by fox

"100 day ark lets play" (or "arkplay", in my head), is where i shove minecraft roleplay characters into the video game Ark: Survival Evolved. Each storyline is mostly independent from each other, though they do link up at points. Any character death is percieved permenant by surronding characters, but respawns are possible.