my pets !!!

Toothless My cat! He's 7 years old, and I've had him for 2 years :) he's a stupid little menace (thinks biting is playing, lunges at legs/any body part he can reach, regularly draws blood, etc. he means it all in a playful way he's just stupid :P) but he's my little boy and i love him!!
if you were wondering, yes, he is named after the dragon from how to train your dragon :)
Angus My crested gecko! He's 5 years old! He doesn't really care about anything that happens outside of his tank, and he really doesn't care about me. reptiles aren't the smartest :P he's fun to watch, though!!
once its warmer he'll be getting a custom built (retrofitted ikea cabinet) tank :) I already have the cabinet, but it needs: glass doors, substrate barrier, better waterproofing, custom background.... it's a long process :P
Ares My bird! He's 15 years old! He currently lives with my parents still - I don't have the space for him in my apartment - but hopefully soon I can bring him here :)
He's a sweet boy (to me! he likes biting though) but he's very loud, as birds tend to be. He can whistle, sort of, mostly butchering tunes that he learned when he was a baby.

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