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weirdly specific ask game i stole from tumblr - 9/4/2023

original ask game here. i removed some questions i didn't feel like answering :P

dog-posting rambling - assorted thoughts from my tumblr

(with some new additions!)

ear cropping + tail cropping

ear cropping is. interesting as a practice (as in how it started) tbh.

like. ear cropping styles where its just "removing the ear entirely" like is common with caucasian shepherds and some other guardian dogs follows the line of "protecting the dog from a potential worse injury". which makes sense as a thought process

long ear cropping (think doberman) follows more the "making a dog look more intimidating". which makes sense for a doberman i guess. because they were first and foremost bred to be a protection / guard dog for people. still dont quite get why that started as opposed to the thought process behind short ear cropping.

what i do not understand is the saint miguel cattle dogs ear cropping style seeming to be. rounded teddy bear ears? where did that start. how. huh (based on pdfs linked on the wikipedia its to make them look more like a hyena. but. just interesting)