revamping my "journal" to be more long-form rambling about things. and also answering any random askgame i feel like. it's just any kinda writing i feel like posting.

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misc thoughts2023-11-28

sigh. i've been sooo so so so tired lately. with work and working on a house to get it ready to move in everythings just been soooo much. like. okay. usually work takes 25-50% of my battery each day. and then i need a day or two to recover. but with working on the house i don't really have recovery time. just energy drain. at least i get a rest period this week, i guess.

just keep telling myself i'm going to get a doggy soon. i need to get a doggy and it feels like the day of picking up a puppy is getting further away. sigh. soon. once everything is done and we move then i can get a puppy. finally.

weirdly specific ask game i stole from tumblr2023-09-04

original ask game here. i removed some questions i didn't feel like answering :P