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yusamika2023-08-10 04:37:55

hiii im back have you been up to anything fuuun

fox replied:

welcome back! i haven't been up to too much recently :P been sick the past week so haven't been doing much LOL

yusamika2023-07-20 19:23:27

WAIT you only fixed the guestbook like an hour ago? wild

fox replied:

YEAH lol it took quite a bit of playing around to get it up and working LOL. php and sql are nightmares sometimes :P

yusamika2023-07-20 19:22:37

where you found me:
linked from https://hopeslair.neocities.org/


test2023-07-19 19:43:36

where you found me:

test comment. this works! officially! yay!

fox replied:

test reply. yay!