♦ Sezla

Sezla, Zlako selesko.

Sezla, the language of the Crystal Cliffs.

Sezla is a fan-conlang i created for season one of empires smp. it's myvery first conlang, and some of it is a bit rough, but i had fun making it!!!

there's a lot more words than whati've added here - i'm still updating this page.


consonants m d k g f s z h n r l y w
vowels i e u o a



I, me
you, your
dēs he, she, or singular they. also used for it and that
dās plural they
mās we, us, or our
dāsri everyone, a large group


to touch
to give
to see or to speak
zēy to go, to find
dēl to end, to finish, to kill
kēl to cause or to do (something)
zlēs to lead, to rule
rīs relation, to be related
zlēs to lead, to rule
dlat to be dark (literal or metaphorical)
fel to break, to fight, to be destroyed
zu to own, to have
to desire, to want, or to love
selā to be tired, to sleep
zēl to ask, question
delzō to live
wis to eat
dēlwās to drown, to suffocate
rylsi to be special or important
kēy endless, neverending
kis to push
zōdās to be alone


dēlās person
zlā crystal
ākom animal
drakōn dragon


the word order is, typically, Verb-Subject-Object (OVS). Tenses aren't typically specified, and pronouns are usually dropped. It relies mostly on context clues.

sē slīākom.
see small-animal
She sees the small animal

zēlsē dēs?
QUESTION-See them?
Can I see them?

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