★ Feirse

Feirse, ru ferze als Feirasez.

Feirse, the language of the Starborne.

Feirse is a fan-conlang i created for origins smp. it's my second conlang, and it's slightly messy, but i think it's fun! it's very much still in progress.

my goals here are to make a very simple language, which relies on more context than direct words used.

there's a lot more words than what i've added here - i'm still updating this page.


consonants m p b t g k f z s n r w
vowels i y u o ɛ a



I, me

you, your

zeid he, she, or they

zeit we, our, us

kiski- representing high respect for the subject

ka- representing seeing the subject as an equal

kei- representing low respect for the subject


sen to kill, to finish (violent end)

azzo to give

tes to touch, to feel

hazzi to have, to own

sezi to speak

tezi to listen, to hear

zi to ask, to question

leisht to like, to love

zilo to ask, to question

peirs to do, will

leis to learn

leitz to teach

bazi to be

izes to see, to watch

seik good, okay

seim to be alive, to live

reizir to be royal, to rule

peis to go

kizf name, to have a name

nileks to play, game

tyks to use/have electricity

sif to use/have flight

moni to eat

wos to drink

fona to turn off, to be out

sym to start, to begin

san to die

lys to be happy

az- to go back

als to relate


the word order is, typically, Object-Verb-Subject (OVS). Words are typically conjecated with the speakers respect for the listener in mind, but this often is dropped in informal speech. When speaking about a future action, "rin-" is added to the front, and when speaking about as an action in the past "zy-" is added.

sehazzi kizf fox.
(I) have (the) name fox
My name is Fox.

zizeit peis aylri?
(They) go here?
Are they from here?

sebazi feɪrasez zinreizir.
I-BE starborne prince
I am the starborne prince.

zebazi sasen? zehazzi san?
you-BE ghost? you-HAVE death?
You're a ghost? You died?

ru kywuhazzi lief
the creature-HAVE small
The animal is small.

zeid rinmoni
he FUTURE-eat
He will eat.

zeid zyals zinreizir
he PAST-is young ruler
He was the Prince.

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