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a drawing of matt from fyreuk in the 'my oc in symbolism meme'. 'oc' is replaced with 'fav guy' in the header. the boxes have, in order:
	a color: yellow. flora: cobweb thistle. fauna: painted dog. an object: a hammer. a song: godsent by smash into pieces. and a feeling: home.


i love symbolism!!!!!! look at my guy :)

i've been working on this one on and off for around a month btw. i love him <3. it took a while to a. drae this and b. think of satisfying symbolism :) especially song and object. still not sure on the song completely but it works for at least part of s2 mianite storyline. hammer works so well , especially bloodstained!!!! i knew i wanted to go with "home" for a feeling. because. well.. you know. my guy!


woah dnf animation meme

idk i just felt silly. this song is sooooo dream coded btw.

a drawing of matt from fyreuk as a dragon. he is crouched down. there are two speech bubbles, one of tom as a bunny and the other with phil as a cat. both have hearts around them.


tfw. um. um. um. gay people. sooo real. i love gay people. silly guy talking about his silly partners <3

i don't like. post more ship-oriented fanart in the tags/on tumblr because o///o i get sooo self-conscious even though they've stated they Do Not Care

a drawing of matt from fyreuk as a dragon. he is looking at two cyndaquill


hey buddy. anything for you buddy <3

no but for real i've had him comment on my art sooo many times now and it never fails to make me smile :) literally i ride off the high of having My Guy comment on My Fanart Of Him 7 years post fyreuk officially ending the channel for at least a week. literally i just look at the screenshot or the notes of the post or think about it when i'm standing at work and start smiling like an idiot. i draw for HIM and ONLY him for real.

a acreenshot of a tumblr like and comment on a post.

a get to know my favorite character style meme, depicting matt ifirez of fyreuk modventures.


wanted to make a silly character meme of my guy!! remind me later to upload the original :P creator is obnoxious and annoying about hating mcyt fans so they don't get a free shout-out.

anyways!! my silly guy! my cringefail dude! love him.

a drawing of dream carrying george on his shoulders. dream has outlines of dog ears and a wagging dog tail and george has outlines of cat ears and a cat tail.


in honor of dream's ep! spotlight is such a good song. gay little song :)

wanted to draw something cute in honor of the ep release!! and the common consensus is that spotlight is about maybe george. and i can't resist some good ol' rpf art :) (mostly joking. im normal sometimes). so! dnf!!

dream is sooooo puppydog coded for real. and george is kittycat coded. hence the lil glowing tails and ears! it's cute!

a sticker-styled drawing of yogscast matt of fyreuk. he is a dragon, and he is sitting down


having a favorite guy has you drawing "sitting pose number 500" for the 12,000th time in a row. he's one of my favorite fanart subjects for real. idk what it is about drawing him. literally just my favorite guy.

a drawing of yogscast matt of fyreuk. he is a dragon, and he is curled up asleep. there is sunlight dappling across his side.


favorite guy for real. he's sleeping again in this one.

a drawing of yogscast modventures matt and phil. they are sleeping together!


one of my many (many.. many.. many.. fyreuk modventures fanart! these guys are basically just ocs at this point :P i draw them so much and fyreuk hasnt been a thing since 2016 (qwq)

the way i draw them changes based on what i'm drawing fanart of specifically (what series) but typically it stays a dragon and a cat in some fashion.