this page is very image-heavy

welcome to my art page! thanks for checking it out :) i draw mostly fanart, with the occasional bit of original character art mixed in. these aren't in any particular order, they're just recent pieces that i enjoy.

i use clip studio paint, ms paint, and live2d, primarily, for my art!

you can find my commission prices here!

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a drawing of grian and scott. both of them have snow leopard features - grian has the ears, legs, and tail of a normal snow leopard, and scott has the ears, legs, and tail of a snow leopard with rainbow spots. grian is leaning against a fence, and scott is hugging him from behind from the other side of the fence. a drawing of origins SMP jordan, scott, and shelby hugging a drawing of  origins SMP jordan and scott cuddling a drawing of  origins SMP scott, having fallen to the ground like a comet a drawing of  two cats. one is bright orange and the other is a black and brown tabby. a digital painting of an australian shepard