howdy! i'm fox! i'm an adult (you don't get an exact age, but i'm in my twenties presently), and i'm an artist and programmer. i went to college for computer science (bachelor of the arts in computer science) and i've been tossing around the idea of either getting a masters or going back to school. we'll see what happens :P

presently, i work full time taking care of dogs all day (dog daycare / boarding facility).

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about me
ageadult, in my twenties
usernamei have no consistency - i've gone by a lot :P my most well known are sqacey or arofundy. i also use 2bitFox, indiefox, and foxbite on various sites.
genderqueer butch man
orientationqueer aromantic
locationunited states, midwest
timezoneutc-6 [ it is currently 12:44am for me ]
last played
( more of my music taste can be found here! )

tv show supernatural, the winchesters, dead boy detectives game minecraft, ark: survival evolved
minecraft smp mianite, dream smp, empires smp character ifirez, fwhip, fundy, carlos cervantez, laurits, sam winchester
animal foxes, cats, dogs dog shiba inu, herding breeds, anatolian shepherd

software hardware
2d art clip studio paint, ms paint, blender screen size 3440x1440 monitor
3d art blender, blockbench keyboard ducky one3 cosmo, ft mx silver switches
code editor vs code art tablet wacom cintiq tablet
animation clip studio paint, live2d
programming java, python, c#, php, html/css, javascript, sql, mongodb

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